Choosing Star Systems as your employee screening provider assures quality, convenience and program flexibility.  At Star Systems, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  These essential factors identify why Star Systems is a leader in the employee screening industry.  

Unmatched Client Support
At Star Systems, we offer highly personalized, prompt and reliable client support.  Our Client Support Team members interact directly with requestors, assisting with all the day-to-day Human Resources inquires.  That's the reason we have a client retention rate of over 95%.

Our clients can expect only the best support from the Star Systems Team, which consists of:

        Account Manager
        Star Systems Support Team
  •             Lead Client Support Specialist
  •             Client Support Specialist

Unrivaled Accuracy
Star Systems' high criminal record check rate of 15.7% means we are more likely to catch a criminal than any other pre-employment screening company.  Having a large number of jurisdictions accessed digitally also greatly minimizes human error and turnaround time.

Unbeatable Speed
Star Systems can electronically and instantly access primary source criminal record checks from county, state and federal court jurisdictions.  In fact, Star Systems partners with the very first company to digitize and integrate primary source records check data into its background screening solution.

Strict Compliance
To ensure our clients are always in compliance with state and federal regulations, Star Systems partners with only the best providers who employ strict "monitor-update-inform" lifecycle for all legislative and regulatory bodies.

That means:
  • Monitor - our partners continuously monitor all sources of legislation at every level of the national and international government.  For every state, province or locality, we apply an informational "filter" to our     service and reports to ensure compliance.
  • Update - as legislation changes, we do more than just alter our reporting.  We also update all of our processes and technology, including our fulfillment process, adverse action process and software.  This continuous commitment to legal compliance is reflected in our partner's accreditation by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).  This gold standard is awarded to a small percentage of background screening companies and is the result of our partner's adherence to 56 different quality and compliance measures.
  • Inform - we pass on our learning and best practices to our clients through close contact and regular updates on our website News and Alerts.  Account Managers and Client Support Specialists regularly call or email clients with news and information about updates.

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