Physical Examinations
Does your company need to ensure candidates are physically able to perform all functions of the position they are applying for?

Star Systems has the solution, pre-placement physical examinations.  Star Systems provides pre-placement physical examinations to employers nationwide. We assist companies with locating occupational clinics within our broad network of clinical providers.  Our client support team is trained to assist clients with all aspects of their pre-placement examination needs.  We ensure the clinic has the proper forms and is aware of the type of testing required based on your company's protocol.   In addition, Star Systems obtains all completed physical examinations and reports the results to the employer.  

Alcohol Testing
Alcohol, a depressant that reduces activity in the central nervous system, is the most commonly abused drug in the United States.  It contributes to more accidents, illness and death than all other drugs combined.  An alcohol intoxicated person exhibits loose muscle tone, loss of fine motor coordination and impaired judgment. 

In the workplace, alcohol affects a person’s production and causes them to miss more work days.  A person under the influence puts themselves and others at risk for injury.  In addition, alcohol abusers file more workmen’s compensation claims than substance-free employees.  Studies have shown that employees impaired by alcohol are responsible for an estimated 45 percent of all workplace injuries.  

Star Systems offers Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) using Evidential Breath Testing devices (EBTs) to measure the amount of alcohol in an employee's blood (Alcohol transfers from blood to the breath deep in the lungs).   Utilized in compliance with Reasonable Suspicion guidelines, your company can tackle alcohol abuse and reduce its affects on your workplace.

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