Employment Background Screening Catalog Includes:

Criminal Searches:
  • National Criminal Database Search

Verification Services:
  • Education
  • Employment 
  • Credential 
  • Personal Reference Check
  • Professional Reference Check
Credit Report

Typical Turnaround: Instant

Star Systems conducts this search electronically direct with one of the three major credit bureaus, TransUnion.  A credit report will provide an applicant's debt load, payment history and any public record information (liens, judgments, bankruptcies) – information that should be assessed to determine their level of financial responsibility and potential motivation for misuse of funds.

Common Uses:
Management and Executive Level Positions
Accounting and Cash Handling Positions

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Employment Verification

Typical Turnaround: 24-72 Hours

For an Employment Verification, a research team member will contact the employer and make every effort to speak to a supervisor, or someone else in a responsible position that will share information about the applicant.  When we are unable to obtain information directly from these sources, we will contact the Human Resources Department.  While HR Departments may have the most precise records about a company’s former employees, they may not share much more information than dates of employment and job title.